Dec 17


Test n900 wp.
dziala chyba jak nalezy

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Dec 18




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Jul 29


While trying to get my DVB-T dongle to work as RTL-SDR i’ve allmost lost it… And then BLAM! I did it! And it was so simple, i’m truly amazed! Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Grab this package and begin to install.
  2. Set one directory and use it whenever asked to (yeah, messy but works).
  3. Ignore zadig from the installer – instead grab this, newer version.
  4. Run it and choose “List all devices” from options menu.
  5. Choose your device from the drop-down list (mine was “RTL2832U”, but you might have “Bulk in Interface 0″ and “Bulk in Interface 1″. If that’s the case then choose “0″ [zero; BrE: /ˈzɪərəʊ/, zirr-oh or AmE: /ˈziːroʊ/, zeer-oh]).
  6. Check if you have selected WinUSB (v something) and hit the damn button!
  7. Download this file and this one too while your’e at it.
  8. Make sure you’ve finished all installation processes.
  9. Unpack files you just downloaded directly into the folder you’ve created.
  10. If you did install HDSDR from autoinstaller run it now. If not you can find it here. (care to guess where to put it?)
  11. When asked which file you want to use choose “ExtIO_RTLSDR.dll”.
  12. Press start (F2) and enjoy your new toy!
  13. If you want to run SDR# go to their page and grab DEV version! Stable won’t work! (trust me)
  14. Unpack it and give it a spin! (You might have to replace librtl [i just copied SDR# to the same folder i've been using since the beginning, but left librtl i've unpacked there earlier, didn't use one from SDR# package]).
  15. Locate “front end” button in the radio section on the left. From the drop-down menu that’s to the right choose “RTLSDR (MM6DOS) – ExtIO_RTLSDR.dll” and hit play in the left top corner. (if you chose different path for installation you might have to copy ExtIO file there too).

ENJOY! Hope it’ll help someone.

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Jul 25

Equipment page

I’ve thought about making a list of my equipment… Just because i’ve got nothing better to do… and am not getting out in a while (until my face returns to normal) So yeah. Let’s go!

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Jul 22


This time i’ve got no time to work on anything, cause of Hack-a-Day… oh cruel world…

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Jul 14

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, Continue reading

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Jul 04

olympian gossip

While listening on my cosmic phone
I caught words from the Olympus blown.
A newcomer was shown around;
That much I could guess, aided by sound.
“There’s Archimedes with his lever
Still busy on problems as ever. Continue reading

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Jun 28


nothing new due to shitty weather, random occurences preventing me from being able to do anything constructive and so on. so stay tuned – progress WILL happen, but be patient… peace

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Jun 18


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